Accessories Duct

Monroe Metal  fabricates and offers a complete line of accessory fittings to complete your system. 

Our saddle taps and grille taps can be factory installed or shipped loose for exact field installation. 

Access doors are generally required on any system and are included in our base quote. We will automatically factory install them where required. 

If specified, we can also provide you with angle rings, blastgates and manual volume dampers; either factory installed or shipped loose.


Accessory Fittings
To complete your job, we also offer a complete line of accessory fittings. These can be factory installed or shipped loose for field installation.

• Access Doors
• Angle Rings
• Insulation Stops
• Grille/Register Taps to fit double wall duct
• Rectangular to Oval
• Saddle Taps

Saddle taps can be lined or unlined and fabricated to fit major or minor axls.

No other manufacturer can offer such a complete line of accessories!
Duct Construction Standards

To view Accessory Duct Construction Standards, refer to each category's description page.

Oval Double Wall

Oval Single Wall

Rectangular Duct

Round Double Wall

Round Single Wall