Rectangular Duct

Monroe Metal leads the industry in state of the art technology. We can fabricate rectangular duct— lined and unlined—quickly and accurately from job entry to delivery. Our automated facility enables us to produce a high quality, cost efficient product every time. Fittings are assembled to 30” and duct is shipped knocked down in L sections. Our unique features include:

Automated Duct Line
• Duct joints are beaded, notched, sheared, pittsburged
• Connectors turned and, if duct is to be lined and broken into L section, glue and liner applied in only 22 seconds

Plasma Arc Cutting System
• Custom designed software allows precision entering, processing and cutting every time
• Software also allows the flexibility to fabricate your special needs simply by adjusting the entry information

Automated Vane Machine
• Eliminates manual labor
• Options available are 
   - Single vane & rail 
   - 4” hollow core
   - Acoustical vane
   - Monroe Metal 2R & 4R radius vanes, single blade

• Slip/Drive
• PocketLock
• Transverse Duct Flange (TDF)
   - Unique TEF eliminates connectors in the field.
   - Spot welding and frame assembly are eliminated
   - Compatible to other types of companion flanges
   - Benefits include less labor in field and gained cost efficiencies


Accessory Fittings
To complete your job, we also offer a complete line of accessory fittings. These can be factory installed or shipped loose for field installation.

• Access Doors
• Angle Rings
• Insulation Stops
• Grille/Register Taps to fit double wall duct
• Rectangular to Oval
• Saddle Taps

Saddle taps can be lined or unlined and fabricated to fit major or minor axls.

No other manufacturer can offer such a complete line of accessories!
Duct Construction Standards
To view the  Rectangular Duct Construction Standards, click here.  Standards will display in a PDF document.

To view the Rectangular Duct and Fittings Standards, click here. Standards will display in a PDF document.