Commitment to Service & Satisfaction

Monroe Metal Mfg. Inc. will estimate your job needs from contract drawings, shop drawings, dodge scan, or your list of materials.  We will quote using standard SMACNA and ASHRAE standards or from your specifications.  Our “Quick-Pen” estimating system allows us to quickly take off round, flat oval and rectangular duct – lined and lined—and cost it in a matter of minutes.  Our attention to detail ensures that we will quote your job completely and accurately.

Once your order is received, it is entered into our custom designed layout and cutting system from drawings or list of materials.  We can enter round, oval or rectangular duct – lined or unlined—at the same time in order to maximize material and fabrication time.  Your entire order is processed together.  This unique software is unequalled by any other manufacturer and has many distinct characteristics that provide you with the best quality and service anywhere.

  • Each item is piece numbered or tagged, color coded or assigned some other identifier as it is entered into the system.  If take-off is from drawings, the drawing is marked with the corresponding piece number and a copy of the print is sent with the delivery for easier installation.

  • A label is created for each piece that includes the tag number, description, size, material, schematic drawing and any other special notes.

  • 24-hour processing: Once orders are entered into the system they can be processed continuously allowing no delay from entry to fabrication.

  • System is designed for standard SMACNA and ASHRAE standards but can easily be adjusted for your specifications.

  • Our custom designed software does all layout work – from entry information and any special design needs – can be accomplished just from changing the entry information.