About Us

The town of Monroe is located at the seat of Union County with a population of more that 30,000. In that community filled with tree-lined streets and historic properties, Mr. Bobby Pope decided to open a Total Comfort, Inc., in 1968. For 12 years, the company provided heating, air conditioning and insulation service and installation. In 1974 Pope expanded the operation to include the manufacturing of rectangular ductwork, opening Monroe Metal Manufacturing Company in the same location off U.S. Highway 74. 

Total Comfort, Inc. and Monroe Metal Mfg, Inc. separated into two individual entities in 2003. Monroe Metal Manufacturing manufactures rectangular, spiral and oval duct to meet any specification and has the ability to produce up to 84” in diameter, and oval duct to 48” x 96”, which many fabricators cannot produce. Monroe Metal operates two fully-automated duct lines, three spiral machines, three ovalizers and four plasma machines with coil lines that allow for quick, accurate and efficient production. In addition to the fabrication shop, Monrore Metal  has two warehouses, yard storage and business offices.

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