Policies & Procedures

Net 30 Days

Acceptance of Order: 
An order will be accepted and released for fabrication once we have approved credit, a confirmed price and a confirming purchase order in-house

Once an order has been accepted and we have received all necessary job requirement information, we will advise you of the estimated delivery date.

Note of Order Cancellation:   
If an accepted order is cancelled, we will require payment for any costs incurred due to cancellation, together with overhead of 15% on such costs.

Notice of shortages/rejection:          
Monroe Metal requires notification of any shortages or damages within five (5) days of delivery.  Items must be noted on the bill of lading.

Cost Increases:          
Prices quoted are binding for 90 days, with the exception of stainless steel and aluminum.

Add-On Items:            
Any material added due to job changes, etc. and not covered in the original quote will be considered extra and charged accordingly.  Freight charges (e.g. number of trailer loads) are included in quote; however, if due to order release schedule (not known at time of estimate) such charges exceed those quoted, we will consider this as an extra charge.

Unless specified, Monroe Metal will determine best method of shipment.

Any material received defective due to our error or negligence will be replaced.

Before any backcharges are accepted by Monroe Metal, we must be notified of the problems and allowed an opportunity to correct it ourselves.  Failure to notify us may result in our denying any charges.  Any backcharge acquired should be reasonable and in compliance with accepted industry practices.