Monroe Metal Manufacturing is setting new standards for quality and price in fabricated duct work. Highly skilled craftsmen use the latest in computer-aided manufacturing systems to provide our customers with the finest quality products at a sensible price.

Monroe Metal is the leader in spiral pipe manufacturing, custom producing single and double wall, v-ribbed and triple ribbed pipe. Superior strength and greater rigidity are evident in all Monroe oval spiral pipe and there is no need for rods and stiffeners. Our superior manufacturing process results in fewer leaks, minor friction losses, minimal external damage, low noise generation, and fewer collapsed ducts.

Offering the largest selection of accessories available, turning vanes, dampers, blast gates, floor sweeps and angle rings can all be purchased from Monroe Metal.

We also carry a complete line of connectors and fittings for all of our spiral, oval, rectangular and welded ducts. Spiral Mate, Oval Mate, TDF clips, pocket lock connectors and custom cut hat channels are just a few in our selection.